Interior for Volvo
by Moose Design

Velor and leather rugs
Automotive multi-layer all-season mats. The components of the mats are specially selected taking into account the needs of car owners and include materials responsible for such product qualities as durability, color fastness, strength, hygroscopicity, air and vapor permeability, hygiene, resistance to moisture, UV radiation, fire safety, noise insulation, orthopedic properties.

The composition of these car floor mats, their anatomy, color, style and finish have been specially designed for Volvo fans and loyal Moose Design aficionados. We offer you an innovative product that has no analogues.
Full compliance with the features of the floor relief
Manufactured in Russia using innovative technology on the latest equipment
Hand-sewn by highly skilled professionals
Exclusive appearance
High indicators of wear resistance
Easy surface cleaning
Do not freeze at low temperatures - do not lose elasticity
At elevated temperatures, they do not start to emit an unpleasant smell
Do not absorb foreign odors
The reverse side is made of anti-slip material that does not allow moisture to pass through
Do not stain the soles of your shoes
Are not afraid of road reagents
The driver's feet contact points are equipped with two replaceable thrust pads
Leather rugs
Velor rugs
In production we use high quality ABS plastic material.

Its advantages:
it is not subject to deformation;
does not require any adjustments during installation.
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