Carbon elements
for Volvo

Carbon elements for Volvo
Reducing weight while maintaining strength is a major factor in why Moose accessories are made from carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is an organic or chemical fiber that undergoes thermal treatment, which leaves mainly carbon atoms in the fiber material. It is from carbon fiber that a composite material is formed - carbon fiber or carbon (eng.carbon), consisting of intertwined carbon fiber threads, bonded with epoxy resins.

The main advantages of carbon fiber products are strength and low weight. The tensile strength of carbon is four times higher than that of the best grades of steel, and by weight carbon is 40% lighter than steel and 20% lighter than aluminum. In addition, carbon fiber parts are superior in strength to fiberglass parts.
In production we use high quality ABS plastic material.

Its advantages:
it is not subject to deformation;
does not require any adjustments during installation.
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